April 2018 IOTM winner

Vision Conservatories have been announced as April’s Atlas Installation of the Month winner with an incredible, not one, not two but THREE Atlas lanterns.

Replacing an outdated PVCu conservatory, Vision Conservatories have transformed a family home with an ultra-modern extension featuring two 2.5m x 1.5m regular lanterns with a 1.5m x 1m contemporary lantern.

Vision Conservatories have proved that you don’t always need to go bespoke when it comes to roof lanterns – you can achieve spectacular and fast results, by using stock sized lanterns too. Chippenham-based installer Vision Conservatories completed this triple Atlas lantern installation in record time by opting for standard sized lanterns. Incredibly, the lanterns were available from stock in just five days and installed in the space of a day.

The homeowners visited Vision Conservatories’ showroom and were immediately impressed with the slim sightlines of the Atlas lantern on display. Having found that no other lantern now lived up to their expectation, they asked Vision to design a spacious new extension that would incorporate the Atlas lanterns that they’d fallen for.

Vision persuaded the homeowners to choose a super-slim contemporary lantern for the centre of the extension and two regular Atlas lanterns to sit either side of it. It was brave but the end result has far exceeded the owners’ expectations and they are absolutely delighted with their new extension. Although the lantern styles are clearly different, they complement each other perfectly, showing that you can easily combine the two and achieve incredible results. The bespoke look of the extension has captured the attention of homeowners in the neighbourhood and many were intrigued to see the finished result.

The very impressive project has enhanced the property to no end. It’s no surprise then that owners of neighbouring properties wanted to see just what Vision Conservatories had done. Clearly, they all think the lanterns look amazing because Vision Conservatories are following up several enquiries for similar extensions in the area. The Atlas roof has helped them not just to attract business but also to complete those projects quickly, which is a brilliant win/win situation for any installer! Atlas offers four stock lanterns in its regular range in sizes up to 2000 x 4000mm and five stock lanterns in its contemporary range in sizes up to 1500 x 3000mm. Stock lanterns are available on a five day turnaround and come in white, grey, black, grey on white, and black on white.

Mike Keeling, managing director of Vision Conservatories, said: “Our customer loved the look of the Atlas lanterns and were very clear that they wanted them for their new extension so it was an easy sell for us. The real plus for us with this project though was the fact that all the lanterns were available from stock in just five days, which sped up the installation no end. And, because they are easy to fit, they were all installed on the same day. That was a huge benefit for us to quickly get the building watertight so we could progress with the rest of the extension.”

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